Hi Everyone!

I'm excited to be announcing our update to CloudReady v44.1.9, which will start rolling out today.

NOTE: The update will ONLY go live today for our individual users. To ensure added stability our EDU customers will receive this update starting Monday, November 2nd.

Individual users will get this update over-the-air starting when it is hosted - when your settings menu show the up-arrow icon:



you can click restart to update and boot directly into the newer OS.

If you don't yet have CloudReady installed, you can download the new release at www.neverware.com/free (don't forget the instructions at go.neverware.com/freeinstructions).

If you're an EDU user - please be patient, and we'll get you all the new features ASAP.

Major Release Notes:

Here is a short list of noteworthy changes in this release. Plenty of other small changes have taken place, but none should be of significance if not listed here:

Update to Chromium v44: We've updated CloudReady from Chromium v43 to v44. This change includes all of Google's changes, of which there are many. The most notable are some alterations to the login screen during OoBE and adding users.

  • Installation Issues: Many Individual users have had issues with installing, and found they needed to log out prior to installation. We've fixed this issue for many cases, though you should still visit our user forum if you have an install failure.
  • Chrome Remote Desktop: Our prior versions have not supported the Chrome Remote Desktop App. However, on v44.1.9 this application is fully supported with other CloudReady machines (if they're on v44.1.9), Windows, Mac, and Chromebooks. 
  • NVIDIA Graphics: While we previously supported many configurations of NVIDIA graphics, this update carries with it improvements, bug fixes, and new support for a large group of NVIDIA graphics. We have confirmed that the NVIDIA NVS 120M in particular benefits from this, but other likely fixes include:
    • NV46 (G72)
    • GeForce 7200 (GS, Go)
    • GeForce 7300 (LE, GS, Go)
    • GeForce 7400 Go
    • GeForce 7500
    • Quadro FX 350(M)
    • Quadro NVS 110M, 300M, 510M
  • Added Media Codecs (Individual Users Only): Due to overwhelming demand, we've added support for h.264, MP3, and MP4 playback on CloudReady, but only for the individual version.