Many students lack access to working computers, because new hardware is too expensive.

But not for long: Neverware makes old computers run like new.

  • TechCrunch

    "Neverware has just closed a $1 million round ... the demand from schools is much higher than expected."

    The Verge

    "The transformation was incredible ... We went from having around 20 computers that performed terribly to 150 machines that run like they are brand new."


    "In the 2014-2015 school year, New York City schools will begin conducting some standardized testing on computers, which is currently fueling interest in [Neverware's] service."

  • Business Insider

    "A computer using Neverware's Juicebox experiences the updated operating system, speed, and reliability of newer models, despite the old hardware."

    Technology Review

    “You see what a difference it makes when kids get the tools that enable them to learn, and you never forget it. In the same way, Neverware is a terrific idea.”


    "Since Hornik installed Neverware’s Juicebox over a year ago, East New York Family Academy now has over 100 working computers – almost four in every classroom, with two fully functioning computer labs. They haven’t slowed down a bit."